Vase of Death: The Curse Within

Do you believe that there are things that are said to be haunted and holds a curse to anyone who gets a hold of it? If yes, Then you should know the story of the Vase of Death . The vase was unearthed in 1988 vase was unearthed. The vase is made of 4 pounds of silver and was created during the 15th century. When it was discovered, a piece of paper was also found inside the vase with a warning to all   "Beware, this vase brings death" . Another creepy thing is that no one knows where the vase came from and who were the former owners of the vase.   The vase was put on auction and it got sold for 4 million Italian Lira which is about $2,300.00 US dollars by a local pharmacist . The curse from the vase of death was said to be true since the pharmacist died within 3 months . His family learned of the curse and they hurriedly sold the vase. When the vase was sold, A surgeon became its newest owner. The surgeon only lasted for 2 months and died at the age of 37 with unknown causes. The vase was sold again to an archaeologist and within 3 months, the archaeologist died as well. The next owner of the vase died within a month . Since then, the word spread like wildfire about the dreaded vase and its curse. Due to the constant warnings from people who were related to the vase's victims, No one even dared to put the vase as the display on their own home. No one wanted the vase near their homes and it led the police to take over the vase of death to a museum as a donation. And to the police's shock, Every museum they tried to give the vase were in unison as they refused the vase as well. The VASE OF DEATH is said to be buried by the police but until now, there is no information on where and when the vase got buried to the ground. 

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