Chinese Homosexual Claims To Be The Most Beautiful Woman In The World After Plastic Surgery

A Chinese man who calls himself Abby has been gaining online popularity after his images and vlogs were uploaded on the Internet. The reactions were mostly negative. What's more revolting about Abby is that he claims to be the 'Most Beautiful Woman In The World' after his face was altered in one of the strangest ways possible. Abby was obsessed with being a Caucasian or Aryan. Most of the time he wears blue or amber contact lenses to look more 'foreign'. He also speaks a little English to prove that he lived in the United States for a long time, netizens who have watched his videos note that his Chinese accent was somewhat Anglicized to fit his claims of being born of mixed blood. Abby gained more haters than admirers when he posted stories about his success and the attention that he is getting. What the netizens hate about him the most is his extreme narcissism, he claims that his facial features consisting of a perfect chin, eyes, and nose is the most ideal one; and most people dream of having. He even claimed that strangers would come up and kiss him in public. There are also photos of Abby that made the netizens more mad at him; Photos that showcase his extravagant lifestyle.

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