Difference Between Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer Vs Satan Contrary to mass belief, Satan and Lucifer are two different names and are not the same exact entities. This is the current misconception that many Bible believers have come to know for many generations already. Lucifer is actually the angel of God that He named in heaven as one of the most, or perhaps the most perfect angel ever created. It was only when Lucifer was cast down from heaven that his alternate entity was known as Satan. Lucifer was banished because of his pure egoism, not to mention his pride that was regarded as his greatest sin. Hence by theory , Lucifer is the first one to have committed sin. Lucifer is the name of an angel whereas Satan is the name given to the devil. It is said that Satan has lived in the Spirit world for more than 6,000 years. In this regard he has not yet been visible to human beings. It is however foretold that he will make himself visible soon by appearing physically in the world and will call himself the Beast, a very remarkable being that will proclaim himself as God. Lucifer is not the opposite of God because he was also a creature made by God. He can thus be more likened to Michael the Archangel, in terms of position. On the other hand, Satan connotes more on the idea of an opposing resistance. The misconceptions between Lucifer and Satan, as the exact same entity or name, started with the misinterpretations of the Gospel by various sectors. Lucifer is a name that was mentioned only once in the KJV or King James Version of the Bible, specifically in Isaiah 14:12. But in Hebrew, the literal translation for his name would mean ‘to shine’ or ‘to bear light.’ In the said gospel, Lucifer was likened to the parable of the King of Babylon wherein he was seen as someone who wanted to rule over all making himself similar to God. This monarch would be depicted as a man who will see the collapse of his dominion. He will die like a man, eaten by worms and his grave being walked upon. This could not be Satan because Satan has no physical form. He is a spirit that lives in the dark Spirit world, postulated to be somewhere between heaven and earth (just below heaven). Summary : 1.Lucifer is the highly favored angel created by God whereas Satan is his name when he was thrown away from heaven. 2.Lucifer is an angel of God whereas Satan is the name of the devil. 3.Lucifer is not the exact opposite of God whereas Satan is a name that pertains more to opposition. 4.Lucifer has a physical form whereas Satan does not have any. SOURCE

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