MRT3 unloads 1,100 passengers due to electrical failure

MANILA, Philippines – The Metro Rail Transit (MRT3) Line 3 unloaded some 1,125 passengers at Guadalupe Station Wednesday evening, December 6.
According to the MRT3 management, the incident happened at 6 pm on Wednesday due to electrical failure in the train's motor. The passengers were loaded in the next trains which arrived in about 5 minutes apart.
Initial findings indicate that there is a worn-out electrical subcomponent in the southbound train, the management said. The MRT3 management gave assurances that parts affected will be replaced immediately after ensuring its availability.
Beginning November 17, MRT3 cut short its operations   to give way for longer safety checks.  The change was made for longer maintenance schedule following a recent  detachment of train cars  on November 16. It forced  passengers to walk  along the tracks between Ayala and Buendia stations.
Senator Grace Poe earlier called for the  suspension of MRT3 operations  but railway officials gave assurances that it is safe and that  operating hours would be reduced  to add more time for maintenance checks.
The MRT3 experienced 475 glitches from January 1 to November 17. (READ:  MRT woes: How often do they happen? ) –

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